UHT Milk – An essential part of a healthy family


Around the world, milk is considered a complete food and a staple part of a well balanced diet. Milk is an essential component in the daily diets of children, grown-ups and the elderly as it contains all the nutrients necessary to develop and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Milk is known as the king of nutrients and an important source for energy as it contains high amounts of calcium and proteins as well as essential minerals like phosphorous and magnesium.

Many people are under the notion that milk is a compulsion for young children and not necessary for adults. However, milk is in fact as essential for grown-ups as it is for young children. It is an excellent source of calcium that helps in building strong bones and reduces the risk of many diseases. Milk reduces cholesterol production in the body and also acts as a cancer-fighting agent.

For young children

When children move away from formula milk to regular milk, a mother will do her best to ensure that her child’s nutrition is not compromised. It is advisable then to provide the child Ultra-High Temperature (UHT) treated milk packaged in cartons after 2-3 years of age. When milk is processed using UHT technology, it is heated at a very high temperature (135-150 degrees C) in a closed system for a few seconds and then force-cooled to room temperature. This process removes all micro-organisms from the milk. At the same time, it retains the nutrients and flavour of the milk as the heating period is brief. An added advantage of UHT milk in cartons is that it is easy to store without the need for refrigeration. Moreover, UHT milk does not need to be boiled and can be consumed straight out of the cartons.

For growing children

Drinking milk is essential for growing children as it provides wholesome nutrition and is a healthy source of calcium. It helps build the essential ingredients for the body to grow, repair and maintain itself. All growing children should drink at least a glass of milk every day. With UHT-treated milk available in smaller cartons ready for on-the-go consumption, children can conveniently carry a carton of flavoured milk to school to have during their lunch break. This will help them stay active and keep their energy levels high for the entire day.

For working professionals

A hectic work schedule and fast paced lifestyle has taken a toll on most working professionals who end up skipping breakfast. Including a glass of milk in their diet ensures that they have something nutritious. The lactose in milk is a great source of energy. Milk and bananas together are considered an instant energiser for the body too. It keeps energy levels high through the day and helps one perform optimally at work. Working professionals can opt for UHT milk in cartons as it is hygienically packed and retains maximum nutritional value in the milk.

For the elderly

Milk is highly recommended for people above the age of 40. It is essential for them to include milk in their daily diet to maintain optimum health and wellbeing. A few common diseases and ailments affecting elders include osteoporosis, constipation

and dehydration which can be combated by consuming UHT milk in cartons. Moreover UHT milk in cartons does not contain any preservatives and can be stored at room temperature for up to three months.

Thus, it is recommended to opt for UHT milk in cartons as it is the safest and most reliable option to

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