One-pot Meal Salad

NQ_Recipe2_One-pot Meal Salad Preparation time: 15 minutes Cooking time: 5 minutes Serving: 1 – 2 Ingredients: 2 tomatoes

1 onion 1 red bell pepper 7 – 10 paneer cubes 1/2 cup boiled chickpeas and kidney beans 1 chapati cut into square pieces 1 tbsp flaxseed (alsi) 2 tbsp peanut-red chilli-garlic dried chutney 1/2 cup hung curd mixed with 1/2 tsp sugar Lemon juice

to taste 1-2 tsp roasted cumin Salt to taste Coriander (chopped) for garnishing Method: 1. Boil the chickpeas and kidney beans 2. Slice tomatoes, onions and red bell pepper into square-shape pieces 3. Mix the sliced veggies with paneer cubes and freshly prepared and cut chapatti 4. Add all the flavouring agents (lemon juice, dried chutney, salt, roasted cumin, flaxseed) Serving suggestion: Add hung curd to the salad to give it a thick and wholesome appearance Tip: You can also add other sources of proteins such as sprouted moong, matki, etc. according to your food preferences