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What is Nutrition Quotient ?

Everyone is particular about the lifestyle they follow. Especially when it comes to health, people keep switching from one diet to another. But how do we decide what ‘the best’ is? The often confusing world of nutrition can be difficult to navigate and understand. Many times, unknown to us, myths are presented as facts on the basis of half information and poor research.

And this is why NQ has been created. It is a course that will enhance your knowledge and help you in making the best nutritional decisions. It is a course designed to keep you updated on the latest developments in food technologies that reflect our own changing lifestyles. Each successive chapter will make your foundation of nutritional knowledge stronger and help you gain confidence in the lifestyle and health decisions you will henceforth make.

It’s not just ‘anybody’ who is giving you this information and advice. NQ is a special certificate course designed by dieticians and nutritionists of national and international repute. It has been ratified by the Indian Dietetics Association as well as the Indian Medical Association.

We welcome you on the path of good health for life! To make this journey simpler, we’ve added plenty of downloadable resources and creative visuals that you can keep going back to, in case you ever want to reconfirm.

It’s a course meant for all mothers who want the best for their family.

It’s a course for every nutritionist to stay updated with the latest developments in the field of Food and Health Safety.

It’s a course that’s beneficial for all doctors striving to provide their clients with a better health experience.

The Faculty
  • Past President Indian Dietetic Association Country Representative and Director, International Confederation of Dietetic Associations(ICDA) Director, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Diabetes Foundation (INDIA). Former Chief Dietician, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi.

    Rekha Sharma R.D.
  • Vice President, Nutritionist, Principal and Professor,Department of Food & Nutrition at SVT College of Home Science, SNDT Women's University ( Juhu), Mumbai.

    Dr. Jagmeet Madan
  • Senior Scientist in Food Chemistry Division National Institute Of Nutrition

    Dr. K.Bhaskar Acharya
  • Expertise in Enteral and Parental Nutrition Designing of Obesity Support Group and Scientific Management of Obesity clinic. Active Involvement in Academics Adjunct Associate professor with Pune university. Guest Faculty with SNDT. Nutrition session with AFIH course.

    Dr. Geeta Dharmatti
  • Senior Scientist in Dairy Technology Division of National Dairy Research Institute

    Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh
  • is currently working as a Scientist in the Dairy Technology Division of National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI)

    Dr. P. Narender Raju
  • Aseptic Technology Specialist, Tetra Pak Dhurandhar has spent more than 18 years with Tetra Pak, organisation, carrying various responsibilities in the "Food Technology" field.

    Dhurandhar Hulyalkar
  • completed her post graduation from M.S. University, Baroda as a Gold medalist, in Foods and Nutrition in 1977.

    Ms.Shobha Kumar
  • Dr. Mukta Agrawal is an Expert of Food & Nutrition and working as Associate professor in the Department of Home Science, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur.

    Dr. Mukta Agarwal
  • With an extensive experience in the field of nutrition and dietetics spanning over 18 years.

    Dr. Ritika Samaddar, one of the few registered dieticians in our country, is presently the regional head - Dietetics, Max Healthcare.

    Ritika Samaddar
  • M.Sc. ADND, PhD (Nutrition). Working as Chief Clinical Nutritionist, Heading department of Nutrition and Dietetics at Apollo Hospitals, Bangalore.

    Dr. Priyanka Rohatgi (Rastogi)
  • is currently Professor & Head of the Department - Centre for Community Medicine at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi, India.

    Dr. C. S. Pandav
  • Dr Bozena is working as a Senior Dairy Technologist in Tetra Pak Dairy Beverage Systems in Lund, Sweden responsible for technology for UHT applications.

    Dr. Bozena Malmgren
  • Dr. Narendra Saini has been the National Secretary and Secretary General of Indian Medical Association.

    Dr. Narendra Saini
  • Dr. A.G. Unnikrishnan, CEO: Chellaram Diabetes Institution, a non-profit diabetes institution in Pune.

    Dr. A.G. Unnikrishnan
  • Dr. Jagdish Pai, Exec. Director, PFNDAI. Retired Profressor and Head, Food Technology, ITC

    Dr. Jagdish Pai
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